Asset Management

We provide on-site property management and administrative services for our clients. Our services include bookkeeping, billing, rent collection, common area maintenance expense and real estate tax reconciliation as well as create an annual operating budget for each property. We hire and supervise vendors and contractors for your properties. We also supervise daily sweeping, snow removal, property repairs and maintenance as well as budget for capital expenditures.

We provide ledger accounting for our clients that can be shared with investors and lenders. We negotiate lease and lease extensions with tenants, release vacant space and act as your intermediary with tenants, lenders, accountants and attorneys. We provide the perspective and experience of a property owner. You can be confident that your property will be managed to the highest standard, as we utilize the best management practices in the real estate industry. If you require professional asset management, call us today for a free consultation at 201-252-2890 or email us at